Lee Rosen – Bee Keepers Loosing Hives


Lee S. Rosen – Beekeepers Losing Hives

“When I started my beekeeping business more than 40 years ago, my honey bees lived for two months, now they don’t even live for two weeks,” says David Hackenberg, Founder & CEO of Hackenberg Apiaries of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and Dade City, Florida. “So, we’ve got to find something that feeds our bees to make them healthy. That’s why I’m experimenting with BeesVita Plus.”

He continues, “Initial indications show that bees are attracted to BeesVita Plus, unlike other feeding products that we have previously tested.”

Hackenberg, co-chairman of the U.S. National Honey Bee Advisory Board, adds, “This is an encouraging and important signal since our bees typically don’t even look at the (man-made) stuff we try to feed them.”

Necessity: Mother of Invention

BeesVita Plus creator, Francesca Del Vecchio, PhD, is a genetic biologist and family farmer. She explains, “I invented BeesVita Plus out of necessity; when bees in the agricultural community where I live in Italy started dying in multitudes.”

Del Vecchio continues, “I am a scientist and so I started looking for answers in my laboratory. The result led me to create the exclusive BeesVita Plus formulation that I am now bringing to the world to help save honey bees.”