Lee Rosen on Bees VitaPlus – Toxicity & Trace Tests


Lee S. Rosen – Bees VitaPlus Toxicity & Trace Tests

Tests on honey bees that consumed BeesVita Plus showed that there were no traces in their systems of pesticides or the formulation itself. This means the bees fed BeesVita Plus were able to detoxify impurities and fully digest and absorb the all-natural formulation without any residue being passed on to the end-consumer in honey and pollen products. A just-released European study showed concerning traces of pesticides in various consumer honey products.

Other Test Results

Tests conducted by Brazil’s Agência Paulista de Tecnologia dos Agronegócios concluded that BeesVita Plus increased the overall weight of honey bee hives; indicating weight gain. Fat insulates the body and stores and releases energy.

Beekeepers, worldwide, testing BeesVita Plus report that colony populations stabilized; meaning there were no signs of colony loss.

Others report that queen bees lived longer; indicating a possible overall increase in honey bee longevity.