Honey Bee Pest

Lee S. Rosen –  What are the common Honeybee Pest

Lee S. Rosen – Keeping bee hives healthy is an important component of modern beekeeping.  As humans have moved European honey bees around the world, the bees have come into contact with exotic diseases, parasites for which they have had little resistance. Unfortunately, many of these pests have been been accidentally imported into the U.S. and have spread rapidly across the country. Because beekeepers routinely transport colonies around the country each year, these maladies continue to circulate through honey bee populations.


Honeybees Pest Bug

Lee S. Rosen – Modern beekeeping is challenging, and has a steep initial learning curve.  Some level of periodic losses should be expected. Beekeepers should always be vigilant about the condition of their colonies.

Below are the sample of bees pest :

Varroa Mites

Tracheal Mites

Small Hive Beetles

Wax Moth