Lee S. Rosen – 5 Things Most People Get Wrong About Playing Golf


Golf may look like a boring activity to those who don’t play it. But avid players know that it is as much a physical as it a mental exercise. It’s not simply about hitting a ball across a field. It requires a special kind of skill and lot a patience and mental stability to see it through to the end. We got in touch with Miami-based golfing enthusiast Lee S. Rosen on what he thinks most people get wrong about this beautiful sport.

1. Being too chatty

It’s okay to have a conversation when you’re out on the green, but giving your fellow players a blow-by-blow account of your last round is a huge no-no. Keep your praises and game-plan revelations to a minimum. Remember that golf is mostly a quiet and mental sport so keep it that way.

2. Going for the flag all the time

It’s okay to aim for the good stuff every time you tee off. But where’s the fun in that, right? “Achieving a par makes for a much better playing experience than have a row full of X’s on your card,” notes Lee S. Rosen. Have fun and don’t get too competitive. “Also, be nice to your fellow players. Don’t rake bunkers and make sure you replace divots before you move to the next hole.”

3. Acknowledge a bad round and know when to quit

We all have bad rounds. Even Tiger Woods has those days. However, it is simply inexcusable to keep trying to perfect your move and holding up the course. Bad behavior on the course could have you kicked off the game, earn the ire of co-players and, worse, get banned from the greens permanently. Just pick your ball up and move on. Try again next time.

4. Don’t swing too fast

“Getting that perfect shot done is not about the speed,” advises Lee S. Rosen. What’s important is how your body and club coordinate to achieve a powerful, calculated swing. The chances of getting better results with a well planned swing is higher compared to a hurried and choppy one. “Also, don’t flip or spin the ball,” Lee S. Rosen adds. “Simply stand facing the hole, extend your arm and drop the ball.”

5. Practicing too much

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, but there is such a thing as taking too many practice swings before actually hitting the ball. The more movements you make, the worse the outcome of the actual hit because you have then put a lot of strain on your arms and muscles. “The smart thing to do is study your swing before you do it, practice once or twice and just take that shot,” says Lee S. Rosen.

When playing golf, it’s very tempting to just keep hitting until it ends. Take note that the fun of the sport lies on the experience itself and not on how fast you can finish.