May 20 Is World Bee Day, Says The United Nations

The increasingly alarming decline in the population of honey bees worldwide has alerted scientists all over the world to the urgency of efforts to preserve them. In fact, the potential problem is deemed so serious that United Nations Economic and Financial Committee called for an assembly in December 20, 2017 to officially announce that May 20 is now World Bee Day.

The resolution was proposed by Slovenia, with the support of all member states of the EU, and was decided on unanimously at the committee’s November meeting. The resolution has 155 co-sponsors, including major countries Russia, China and the US.

“It’s high time that key decision makers of the world join forces to acknowledge and finally do something about the bees,” says Lee S. Rosen , chairman and CEO of Healthy Bees LLC. Healthy Bees is a Miami-based company that produces BeesVita Plus, a nutritional system designed especially for honey bees to help boost their natural immunity. This revolutionary product that Lee S. Rosen and a team of scientists developed protects bees from the ill effects of bad nutrition, pesticides and colony collapse disorder (CCD).

According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, bees are responsible for the proliferation of more than 170,000 plant species on earth. This is because some 71 percent of agricultural crops depend on pollination to survive and reproduce. However, over the last half decade, the number of bees in the world has dropped significantly. These are mostly due to climate change and the increased use of pesticides, which act the insects’ nervous systems, affecting their energy levels, weight and reproductive systems.

“World Bee Day can also serve as a reminder to everyone about how fascinating these insects are,” adds Lee S. Rosen. “For instance, to get just one kilo of honey, bees should visit as many as four million flowers and circle the world four times; now that’s a LOT of work that us humans should be grateful for.”

May 20 was chosen to be World Bee Day in celebration of Slovenian scientist Anton Jansa’s birthday. Jansa is known as a pioneer of modern beekeeping and is the first in the world to treat it as a science.