South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen: Most Affordable Places To Live Near Miami

Popular for its extraordinary beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse mix of cultures, Miami is one of the places a lot of people want to visit and, maybe, call home. Along with these exciting things, however, Miami is notorious for its high-cost of living. What a lot of people don’t realize is that near this beautiful city are places where one can relocate without breaking the bank.

Instead of settling downtown, neighborhoods near Miami can still offer the best of what it has to give, says Miami businessman Lee S. Rosen. Below are some affordable places you can choose to live regarding sale prices and real estate rental.


The most recent listing for Lauderhill’s median income is at $37,074 and, already, one can enjoy an active community, with lots of training camps and sports leagues for children.

Lauderhill’s cost of living is also below the national average, which is a rare trait considering it’s within the Miami area. What most people love about this place is the effort that the city exerts when it comes to outdoor living. The city is home to a variety of restaurants and recreational facilities, including more than 20 public parks.

Hialeah Gardens

The close proximity of Hialeah Gardens to the Palmetto Expressway and Okeechobee Road make the place accessible and easy to commute to. This is also the reason why plenty of businesses have opened in the area.

Hialeah Gardens is so close to Miami but, over the years, it has separated itself from the huge city and stood out on its own because of the new additions, including three new schools. “It’s interesting to see how the city will develop in the years to come and rise to become one of Miami-Dade’s most livable cities,” notes Lee Rosen.

West Park

West Park is situated just north of Miami-Dade, making it an ideal place to call home because of how easy commuting is to Miami. It’s a Miami suburb that has gained a reputation for its high rental fees, but purchasing a property in the West Park isn’t really that expensive.

The City of West Park and its residents enjoy a low cost of living, with the average home value of $113,000. Living in this newly created city allows one to enjoy the famous Florida weather, without having to partake in the business of the big city itself.

Liberty City

Over 90% of Liberty City’s residents are African Americans, the reason why it holds an annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade. A testament to the livability of this city is the moniker “Model City” given by the local government of Miami, a title it has held for decades now.

Despite experiencing a growth in residents, Liberty City’s cost of living remains affordable, and rental prices are sure not to break a bank averaging in $680 for a single bedroom apartment.


Prices of homes in Davie might come off as expensive to most people who don’t live there, but that’s because residents of this town enjoy a high income. It is the most populous municipality tagged as a ″town” in Florida, home to almost 100,000 residents.

Apart from the huge town’s local attractions and vibrant nightlife, Davie has an excellent public school system and private schools. There lie eight college campuses, including a UF branch, Florida Atlantic, and Nova Southeastern University.


“If can’t handle Miami’s intense traffic situation, you ought to move to ‘Brown Sub,’ which shares lifestyle similarities with the big city minus the heavy traffic,” says Lee Rosen.

Brownsville is home to around 13,000 people, with a majority of its residents in their late 20s or early 30s. It’s a great place to start a career, including those who want to improve their social life or perhaps start a relationship. A single bedroom in Brownsville costs $620 only, so starting a new life there won’t be too heavy on the budget.